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February 09, 2008

Microsoft is really good at making mice...

My new Microsoft Bluetooth somethingSomething 5000 (!) mouse sure is nice. It even fixes the cruddy scroll acceleration built into Mac OS X. Seriously, if I'm scrolling, I expect each detent in the scroll wheel to correspond to a consistent distance on the screen. By default Macs appear to change that amount depending upon the amount of time that has passed between the previous click and the current one.

For example, if there are detents every 5 degrees on the mouse, and scrolling 1 detent causes the screen to scroll down 20 pixels, then I would expect 3 detents to cause a scroll of 60 pixels. But, the way things are implemented in OS X by default, if those 3 detents are sensed as occurring very quickly, I may end up scrolling 80 pixels down... as the second and third clicks cause a larger scroll action to occur than the first one. Does that make any sense to anyone (by which I mean the behavior, not my poor description of said)?

*sigh* It's funny, but MS has always been good at making mice. Their first mouse was actually lauded by industrial designers as highly superior to the Apple mouse that was available at the time. And I've never had an MS mouse just crap out on me, though I've also never had one that really exceeded my expectations of performance either. I mean, it's a mouse, what could they do to really "wow" someone? Work-a-day hardware, not too complex, just about perfect for MS.

Oh wait, I just noticed that the illumination on my keyboard seems to have been broken since I installed the MS mouse drivers... hmmm, guess that it was too much to hope for an MS product that works without having any nasty side effects. I should probably just switch back to Linux since no manufacturer seems to be able to please my whiney-self lately. ;^)

Update -- Somehow, magically, the backlighting on my keys was turned down to 0. I still blame Microsoft. ;-P

Posted by ashusta at February 9, 2008 09:36 PM


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