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August 28, 2008

Yahoo! Open Hack Day 2008 Announced

The YUIBlog has just posted the public announcement of Open Hack Day 2008. The speaker line-up looks great, with Rasmus and Douglas Crockford both booked.

Hack Days are one of my favorite parts of working at Yahoo!, even when I'm too buried in work to contribute my own hack. The creativity of my coworkers is just astounding, and hacks often bring the potential of our systems to the forefront, sometimes even becoming real products. I haven't yet participated in an Open Hack Day, which is different from internal Hack Days in that we invite the public onto campus to create and demo their own hacks with direct access to some of the best and brightest minds behind the web, so I'm looking forward to hanging out seeing what people come up with.

The basic schedule is:

There are more details about the actual talk times, etc. at the YUIBlog.

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